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      2. Systematic methodology

        Systematic ethnology

        ?/span>Systematic anthropology

        Systematic linguistics

        Population genetics

        Systematic poetics

        Systematic folkloristics


        Prehistoric tribes

        ?/span>Prehistoric races

        Prehistoric languages

        Prehistoric archaeology

        ?Prehistoric religions

        Prehistoric folklore


        Systematic anthropology



        Prehistoric races

        Population genetics

        Systematic ethnology

        Prehistoric tribes

        Systematic linguistics

        Prehistoric languages

        Folk housing

        Prehistoric religions

        Systematic poetics










        1.       Sciences and cultural arts may flourish only in bright ages of renascence and enlightenment and they regularly break down in dark ages of aggressive imperial wars, religious fundamentalism and dogmatic neoscholasticism.

        2.       The regress of social research and their lagging behind natural sciences is due to their abuse by perpetual epidemics of irrational thought and ‘dark ages? of human civilisation addicted to acquisitive plundering. When they ceased to be abused by medieval scholastics and stopped assisting theology as its humble maid-servant (ancilla theologiae), they began to assist a reformed political inquisition as an ancilla ideologiae.

        3.       The European civilisation has repudiated supernatural spirits but has not outwitted the economic lawfulness that procreates them repeatedly again and again. In Christian Europe church dogmatics was replaced by idealist cathedral metaphysics, which has functioned as a perfect makeshift for lapsed conservative theology since the times of romanticism and German classic philosophy. Instead of clergymen in sacerdotal cassocks there appeared confessors of a new Nietzscheist religion preaching irrationality without the bible, church and gods.

        4.       The chief obstacle of scientific cognition in humanities is dogmatic integralism that regards modern religions, races, nations and languages as integral wholes. It refuses to realise that their genetic affiliation has undergone assimilative processes of amalgamation that turned them into hybrid unities. Genetic structuralism neglects recent synchronic structures as hybrid mixtures and excavates their origins from pure Palaeolithic prototypes.

        5.       Most common scientific terms denote hybrid and heterogeneous entities and have to be revalidated by subtle analytic decomposition. Unless they are broken into elementary atoms, they will remain worthless indissoluble substances like clay, mud and dirt in medieval alchemy. They will fit the pigeon holes of Darwinian and Mendeleevian systematics only after they are distilled into pure elements.

        6.       The lure of orthodox integralism owes its rise to a revival of expansionism and globalism. Catholic integralism periodically lapses into frenzy of racism, nationalism and fundamentalism whenever it is summoned to Christianise barbarians and it feels the itching of overmastering countries of inferior nationalities. A new motivation of nationalism emerged in causes of privatising state-owned realties when nouveaux riches needed to justify their proprietary claims against foreigners.

        7.       In modern times religious fundamentalism seems to rage only in Islamist theocracies but in fact it equally operates in a covert form also in civilised secular countries.

        8.       Since humanities did not manage to constitute as sciences during the 19th century positivist scientific revolution, they fell victims to the lures of the 20th century modern and postmodern fundamentalism. As a result, they resigned and resorted to the boom of pseudo-scientific irrationalism and intuitive essay-writing. They fall into savage bigotry because they do not understand economic and social forces and assign their driving role to supernatural divine, heroic, personal, human or animate spiritual forces.


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        Methodological?approaches (printed publications)

        *       Ad reformandum universitatem (Towards a Reform of University Studies)

        *       The Post-Modern Crisis of Humanities

        *        Historical Perspectives of English Studies in Czech Humanities


        Vědeck? přístupy, linie a tradice (kni?/span>n?/span> publikace)

        *       Postmodern?krize humanitních věd.pdf

        *       Filosofick?základy metodologie moderních humanitních věd

        *       Ozdravn?kroky k zotaven?školstv?/span>

        *       Teoretick?základy politických věd

        *       Rukově soustavn?politologie



        Theoretical articles


        *       The classification of systematic and applied sciences

        *       The axiomatics of space in microsciences and macrosciences

        *       The sociopathology of mental disorders in science

        *       The classification of cultural ideologies and literary trends

        *       The opposition of science and occult pseudo-sciences



        Axiomatizace teoretického prostoru vědních obor?

               Protiklad teoretických a aplikovaných věd

        *       Axiomatizace teoretického prostoru v makrovědách a mikrovědách

        *       Deskriptivn? normativn?a evolučn?materialismus




        Chronological maps and time-tables

        *       Periodic trends in ancient Greek culture, philosophy and literature

        *      The wave periodicity of Bright and Dark Ages




        Chronologick?mapy dějinného vývoje


        *       Věda vs. fundamentalismus ve středověk?scholastice

        *       รีวิว รองพื้น คุม มัน 2020

        *       Ideometrick?/span> tabulky vývoje českých literárních a lingvistických směr?/span>




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